Aluminum Alloy Formwork Is Green Building Formwork

  • Time: 2020-11-19 17:35:34

Aluminum alloy formwork is made of aluminum alloy as raw material. As a new energy-saving building template, it has unique advantages. The main raw materials of pine building formwork come from artificial fast-growing forest, small-diameter forest and branches. From the perspective of resources and environmental protection, the paving is in line with the human over hot pressing strengthening treatment, which overcomes the weakness of dry shrinkage and wet expansion of solid wood factory floor, and the dimensional stability is also stronger than the latter; the pattern of aluminum alloy mold plate, small-diameter forest and branch wood are better than the latter

Aluminum alloy formwork is green building formwork

The structure of aluminum alloy formwork is reasonable, and the installation is simple and fast. The pine building formwork does not need surface treatment such as waxing and polishing, so it is easy to maintain and clean. The surface finish and wear resistance of aluminum alloy formwork are much better than those of traditional building formwork. The material should be clear and natural in color. If the surface color of aluminum alloy formwork is deep and heavy, and the paint layer is thick, it may be intended to cover up the surface defects of the floor. We should pay attention to this problem when using.

Aluminum alloy formwork can be quickly removed, and its installation and construction period is very short. After the aluminum alloy formwork is removed, there will be no garbage on the site, and the construction environment is safe, clean and tidy. The phenomenon of piling up waste wood formwork due to the use of wood formwork is completely avoided. In addition, the aluminum alloy formwork does not need nails, which can prevent workers from being stabbed; the aluminum alloy formwork is non combustible material, which will not catch fire, and has no hidden danger of identifying goods. All materials of aluminum alloy formwork system are renewable materials, which conform to the national regulations on energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon and emission reduction of construction projects, as well as the low-carbon emission reduction and emission reduction advocated by the state

Green environmental protection policy. The application of aluminum alloy formwork in building engineering construction, due to its own advantages, improves the engineering quality and realizes the standardized construction of building construction. It is not only a prominent economic benefit, but also a green and environmental protection building construction material. In the future, aluminum alloy formwork will play its own advantages better, It has a far-reaching impact on the improvement of construction project quality, economic benefits and environmental benefits, and the market prospect is very broad.

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