2024 T3 aluminum plate

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The mechanical properties of 2024-T3 aluminum plate are significantly improved after heat treatment. 2024 T3 aluminum plate is really a very common 2XXX series alloy, which is mainly used for fuselage skin, rear fuselage skin, under wing fuselage skin, fuselage skin connected with wing, flap skin, flap sub wing skin, vertical tail skin, elevator skin, flat tail skin, rudder skin and adjustment sheet, aileron skin and adjustment sheet, slat skin and elevator adjustment sheet.

2024 T3 aluminum plate

2024 T3 aluminum plate

2024-T3 aluminum plate specification

Typical alloy

Material status




Typical products

2024-t3 Aluminum plate





High load parts   

2024 aluminum sheet belongs to high-strength hard aluminum and has certain heat resistance. It has good formability in thermal state, annealing and new quenching state. The effect of heat treatment is remarkable, but the requirements of heat treatment process are strict.

Chalco aluminum's 2024 aluminum plate is a product with high sales volume. Its processing technology meets national standards and provides the original warranty. It has high market recognition and can be purchased at ease.

Chalco aluminum 2024  t3 aluminum plate

Chalco aluminum 2024 t3 aluminum plate

Mechanical properties of 2024 T3 aluminum plate


tensile strength(25℃MPa)

yield strength(25℃MPa)




Physical properties of 2024 T3 aluminum plate


Coefficient of thermal expansion(20-100℃μm/m·k

Melting point range(℃)

Conductivity 20℃(68℉)

Resistance 20℃(68℉)Ωmm2/m

Density 20℃g/CM3)







2024 t3 aluminum sheet price

2024 T3 aluminum sheet price varies mainly according to the specification, thickness and quality of aluminum plate. In addition, it depends on how much you buy. If you buy more, it is recorded by ton, and if you buy less, it is quoted by kilogram. After all, the quantity is large and the price is cheap. The price source network is for reference only.

2024 T3 aluminum sheet price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee

2024 t3 aluminum plate supplier

Chalco aluminum is a professional aluminum plate supplier. Its main products include aviation aluminum alloy plate, aviation aluminum alloy bar, aviation aluminum alloy profile, high-purity aluminum plate and so on. 2024 T3 aluminum plates that can be processed in our aluminum plant include 2024 T3 aluminum oxide plate, 2024 T3 cold rolled aluminum plate, 2024 T3 hot rolled aluminum plate, 2024 T3 bent aluminum plate and 2024 t punched aluminum plate. The brands and specifications are complete and the price is affordable. Welcome to buy.

2024 t3 aluminum plate supplier

2024 t3 aluminum plate supplier

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