5a06 h112 aluminum plate

  • Time: 2022-07-15 18:03:56

5A06 aluminum plate is Al-Mg series rust-proof aluminum, 5A06 aluminum plate has high strength and corrosion stability, good plasticity in annealed and extruded state, and the air tightness and plasticity of weld seam by argon arc welding are acceptable. The strength of the welded joints of gas welding and spot welding is 90 to 95% of the strength of the matrix, and the machinability is good.

5a06 h112 aluminum alloy plate use

The 5A06 h112 aluminum alloy plate has a beautiful appearance after anodization, and the surface of the aluminum plate has no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat trimming, and no burrs; excellent corrosion resistance makes 5A06 alloy widely used in ships, and car, subway, light rail, etc.

5a06 h112 aluminum plate

5A06 h112 aluminum plate tensile strength

Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥315

Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa): ≥160

Elongation δ10 (%): ≥15

Note: Longitudinal mechanical properties of bar at room temperature

Sample size: bar diameter (square bar, hexagonal bar inscribed circle diameter) ≤ 150

5a06 aluminum plate manufacturer

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