Witness The Market Development Of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

  • Time: 2020-11-19 17:39:07

Witness the market development of aluminum alloy formwork:

1、 Labor cost analysis:

The main factors affecting the cost of aluminum alloy building formwork include external factors and internal factors. The external factors are the cost of aluminum alloy building formwork materials, and the internal factor is the manufacturing cost. The labor cost accounts for 10-15% of the total cost.

In China's aluminum alloy building formwork manufacturing enterprises, a considerable number of enterprises are labor-intensive small enterprises. These large number of small enterprises produce aluminum alloy building formwork with low cost, low product structure and technical content, and rough workmanship, resulting in serious homogenization of low and medium end aluminum alloy building formwork products. This kind of enterprises produce a large number of aluminum alloy building formwork, low price, low profit, no technical content, because they do not have competitive advantage in the aluminum alloy construction template industry, it is easy to close down.

On the one hand, the technological progress mechanism to promote the independent innovation of enterprises has not yet formed, and the enterprises lack the power and pressure of continuous innovation; on the other hand, it is due to the lack of investment in technological development. The lack of enterprise innovation ability, especially independent innovation ability, has become the key factor restricting the international competitiveness of China's aluminum alloy building formwork industry.

2、 Other cost analysis:

according to the traditional production process before leaving the factory, the cost of aluminum alloy building formwork is mainly composed of raw material cost, plate processing related cost, relevant accessories cost, support cost, deepening design cost, tax, management fee, and other expenses (trial assembly, transportation cost, etc.).

Witness the market development of aluminum alloy formwork

3、 Analysis of production cost structure:

Langfang aluminum alloy template manufacturers pricing is mainly affected by the cost of materials and plate processing costs, and the cost of both costs accounted for more than half of it.

Application of aluminum alloy in aerospace field

Application of aluminum alloy in aerospace field

In recent years, with the continuous exploitation of bauxite resources and the development of electrolytic aluminum technology, local aluminum resources are seriously surplus and the prices of raw materials are also reduced.

At the same time, with the further development of science and technology, the continuous innovation of production process will inevitably lead to the reform of aluminum alloy processing industry, which will gradually reduce the production cost. Due to the short development time of aluminum alloy in China, there are too few products on the market, which makes the production cost of products relatively high. However, with the continuous promotion and utilization of aluminum alloy, it must conform to the development law of the market, and the price will also decline and tend to be stable. After analyzing the cost composition of aluminum alloy formwork, the overall cost of aluminum alloy formwork will become more and more obvious with the progress of the times and the stability of product market.

In the construction of aluminum alloy formwork, the main cost is labor cost, and due to the high degree of professional construction, the labor cost is generally lower than other templates in the market. The cost of formwork project accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of the project, and the cost of the formwork project is mainly spent on the labor cost; due to the shortage of market resources of the traditional wood formwork, the cost is also increasing, the use of aluminum alloy formwork has the advantages of low labor cost, fast construction speed, low labor intensity and high performance, which reduces the overall project cost, saves more human resources and comprehensive value benefits It is better than other template systems in the market, and it is of great significance in the situation of high labor cost in China.

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