5059 Aluminum Plate Sheet

Chalco Aluminum is a large 5059 aluminum plate sheet manufacturer, producing 1-8 series aluminum sheet, strip and foil products. Among them, 5059 aluminum plate sheet is a 5-series aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum sheet, which has good corrosion resistance and tensile strength. It is a 5-series product with excellent comprehensive performance. It is widely used in ships, tankers and other fields, and the market demand continues to rise.

Factory direct sales, customized on demand

Factory direct sales, customized on demand

Chalco Aluminum produces 5059 aluminum plate sheet, 5059 tanker aluminum plates, 5059 medium-thick aluminum plates, 5059 ultra-wide aluminum plates, 5059 alloy aluminum plates, etc.

Chalco Aluminum 5059 aluminum sheet manufacturer, imported six-high cold rolling mill equipment, produces ultra-wide and thick 5059 aluminum sheet products, factory direct sales, customized on demand, 5059 aluminum sheet is affordable.

Production advantages of Henan Chalco 5059 aluminum plate manufacturer

  • 1. The quality of raw materials is excellent. We purchase aluminum ingot materials from large manufacturers to ensure product quality from the source.
  • 2. Advanced equipment, with "1+1", "1+4", six-roll cold rolling mill and other equipment, producing ultra-wide 5059 aluminum plate products.
  • 3.The processing technology is superb. Chalco Aluminum has more than 20 years of processing experience, the technology is mature, and the products have passed the             quality system certification and are trustworthy.

How much is the price of 5059 aluminum plate sheet?

There are many 5059 aluminum plate manufacturers on the market, and each manufacturer has a certain difference in strength, technical level and processing level, and the product specifications are diverse and the quotations are also different. For the specific 5059 aluminum plate, how much is a ton, you can consult the customer service of the manufacturer, and a dedicated sales manager will provide you with a detailed preferential quotation.

Chalco Aluminum 5059 Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

Chalco Aluminum is a large-scale 5059 aluminum plate manufacturer, which produces 1-8 series products, accepts orders for 10-5000 tons of aluminum plates, and distributes them globally.

Chalco Aluminum produces 5059 marine aluminum plates, 5059 tanker aluminum plates, 5059 medium-thick aluminum plates, 5059 ultra-wide aluminum plates, etc.

Technical Parameter 


5059 aluminum plate sheet















LNG storage tanks, gas cylinders, ships, tankers, etc.

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