5A05 Aluminum Plate Sheet

5A05 aluminum plate sheet is Al-Mg series rust-proof aluminum alloy, which cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Cold deformation of the alloy can increase the strength. The annealed state has high plasticity, the alloy has good corrosion resistance and acceptable weldability. It is suitable for spot welding, atomic hydrogen welding, gas welding, and argon arc welding.

Packaging picture of 5A05 aluminum plate manufacturer

Packaging picture of 5A05 aluminum plate manufacturer

Advantages of Chalco’s 5A05 aluminum plate sheet

  • 1.5A05 aluminum plate has strong anti-rust performance, aluminum alloy is commonly used in high-end checkered plates.
  • 2.5a05 aluminum plate, high strength, plasticity and corrosion resistance.
  • 3.Chalco5a05 alloy aluminum plate meets national standards, please rest assured to use.

How much is the price of 5A05 aluminum plate sheet per tonne

5a05 aluminum sheet price = SMM + Fabrication cost

The price of aluminum plate is composed of aluminum ingot price and processing fee. The price of aluminum ingot can be obtained through inquiry, and the processing fee is related to the input cost of aluminum plate manufacturers. Due to the large number of aluminum sheet manufacturers on the market, and the 5a05 aluminum sheet has different states and specifications, the quotations of each manufacturer and state are also different. The specific quotation should be based on the product status and specifications required by the customer. If there is a demand, contact customer service to arrange a business manager to quote you. Click online consultation.

5A05 aluminum plate sheet manufacturer

Chalco Aluminum has a strong production capacity, 5a05 aluminum plates can be customized on demand, delivery within 2 to 35 days, and affordable! The company supports free samples, visits to the factory, and offers preferential ex-factory prices.

Technical Parameter


5A05 aluminum plate sheet















Ship transportation vehicle sheet metal parts, fuel tanks, flanges, etc.

Market application

Mainly used for low-load parts that require high plasticity and good weldability, working in liquid or gaseous media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil pipes, various liquid containers and other low-load parts made by deep drawing: wire Used to make rivets.

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