5083 Aluminum Jig Plate

Because the internal stress has been removed, 5083 Aluminum jig plate has small processing deformation, good weldability and plasticity, and the surface does not need to be processed. In addition, the flatness is very good, and the size control is very strict. It is often used as fixtures, mold tools, etc., used in various fields such as automobiles, aviation, subway light rail, food machinery, etc.

5083 Aluminum Jig Plate

5083 Aluminum Jig Plate

Characteristics of Chalco 5083 aluminum jig plate

1.Stringent flatness tolerance and dimensional control

2.Very tight thickness and flatness tolerance compared to the rolled plate alloys.

3.Excellent welding ability, anodizing quality, superior corrosion resistance.

4.Vacuum and pressure integrity guaranteed

Specification of Chalco 5083 aluminum jig plate

Alloy Composition:

Alloy:  EN573-3/3.3547   5083

Material features: Casting, homogeneity

Material Properties

Machinability:  very good

Weldability:    Very good

Anodic oxidation properties: Good, not decorative

Polishability:     Very good

Corrosion resistance: Very good

WEDN machining: good

Typical Mechnical Properties

Tensile strength Rm: 240—290 Mpa

0.2% Yield strength Rp0.2:  110—130 Mpa

Breaking elongation A5%:  12

Brinell hardness HBW:     70

Typical Physical Properties

Density:  2.66g/cm3

Thermal conductivity:   110—140W/(Mk)

Electrical conductivity:   16—19MS/m(m/Ωmm2)

Elastic modulus:       ˜70,000N/mm2

Coefficient of thermal expansion:  24.2* 10—6/K

Thickness ranges and sizes

Plate thickness between  5mm---100mm

Standard sizes are:

Thickness     ×    Max. Width     ×  Max. Length

>=5mm       ×   1520mm         ×  3020mm

>=10mm     ×   1570mm         ×  3670mm

>=15mm     ×   1860mm         ×  4000mm

Other dimension available on request


Surace:   Precision milled

Surface roughness Ra  <=0.4um

Thickness tolerance: +/-0.05mm

Flatness:     6---12mm   thickness<=0.30mm

                 >12—100mm  thickness<=0.12mm

Tolerance in width: -0+10mm

Tolerance in length: -0+15mm

Application of Chalco 5083 aluminum jig plate

5083 aluminum jig plate is used for assembly jigs and fixtures, welding fixtures, hydro press form blocks, drill jigs, templates, vacuum chucks, index tables, printing machinery components, automotive tooling, aircraft components, electronic components, vacuum chambers, rubber and plastic molds, prototypes, medical instrumentation, foundry patterns, food machinery components, packing machinery, CNC routing tables, circuit printers, etc. Used in aluminum non-strength applications where stability and flatness is required.

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