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About Chalco

Chalco produces and supplies aluminum plate sheet products in various alloys and specifications, ensuring both quality and affordability. Chalco also provides comprehensive project solutions, including color coating, cutting, bending, and punching services.

About Chalco

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality aluminum plate products and excellent aluminum plate solutions to global customers, achieving common success and prosperity for both customers and the company through innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in the production and supply of aluminum plates. Driven by sustainability, we provide customers with excellent products and services, and have a positive impact on society and the environment.

Values and principles

Product Range

Product Range

Chalco leads the global aluminum market with superior production capacities for sheet plate, thanks to its Luoyang Aluminum Processing Factory. The company has lasting partnerships in marine, transportation, construction, electronics, and mold manufacturing.

  • Tooling & jig Al plate
  • Embossed Al plate
  • Extra wide Al plate
  • Color coated Al plate
  • Diamond Al plate
  • Mirror Al plate

Chalco history


Continuous technological innovation and market expansion...


The new factory has been put into use. 2800mm cold rolling mill and other equipment added to meet the increasing orders.


Foreign trade orders further increased, and the new production plant was put into construction.


Chalco Aluminum Co. Ltd has been founded with the foreign trade department.


New type 1+2 continuous cold rolling mill; New type 4300mm aluminum plate hot rolling mill equipment.


Add 1+4 tandem hot rolling machines and other hot rolling production lines.


Chalco Luoyang Aluminum Processing Factory founded, with a casting rolling and cold rolling production line.


Chalco Henan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd Established.

Choose Chalco

As a professional aluminum plate manufacturer, processor, and supplier, Chalco always adheres to feedback quality to the market, feedback service to customers, and feedback sustainable development to society.

production technology

Efficient rolling technology

Intelligent manufacturing technology

Model simulation technology

Digital control technology

Green energy, circular economy

Carbon capture and storage technology

inspection equipment

Optical inspection system

Laser inspection technology

Infrared imaging technology

Non-destructive testing equipment

Sensor inspection technology

Online quality monitoring technology

functional department

R&D department.

Quality inspection department

Environmental monitoring department

Production department

E-commerce department

Chalco department structure

Chalco feedback to society

The company's commitment to sustainable development

Chalco promises to prioritize energy conservation, environmental protection, and emission reduction on an equal footing with product production and customer service. During the production and processing process, Chalco strictly monitor, continuously develop and use the latest environmental protection technologies to minimize carbon footprint and make positive contributions to mitigating climate change.

  • 01

    The transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy utilization such as solar energy.

  • 02

    The transformation from receiving monitoring from environmental protection departments to self-installing environmental testing equipment in the factory area.

  • The transformation from Production Emissions to the circular economy of Production Emissions and Reuse.

  • The transformation from relying on aluminum ore raw materials to actively recycling and promoting recycled aluminum.


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