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Aluminum Sheet Sizing: Imperial vs Metric

Updated : Feb. 18, 2024

When it comes to the dimensions of aluminum plates, we cannot ignore the two measurement systems: Imperial and Metric. For those unfamiliar, the conversion between these two systems can indeed be confusing.

However, in the practical application of aluminum plates, precision in dimensions is crucial. This not only involves the actual use but also relates to the quality and performance of the aluminum plate.

Understanding the differences between these two measurement systems is essential for anyone involved in the aluminum industry.

Aluminum plate size conversion table

Whether it is metric or imperial, you can easily find the corresponding size data through this table.

Nominal Metric Size (Millimetres) Closest Imperial Size (Inches) Closest Imperial Size Converted To Metric (Millimeters)
3mm 1/8" 3.2mm
4mm-5mm 3/16" 4.8mm
6mm 1/4" 6.4mm
8mm 5/16" 7.9mm
10mm 3/8" 9.5mm
12mm 1/2" 12.7mm
15mm-16mm 5/8" 15.9mm
20mm 3/4" 19.1mm
22mm 7/8" 22.2mm
25mm 1" 25.4mm
28mm 1.1/8" 28.6mm
30mm-32mm 1.1/4" 31.7mm
35mm 1.3/8" 34.9mm
38mm 1.1/2" 38.1mm
40mm 1.5/8" 41.3mm
45mm 1.3/4" 44.5mm
48mm 1.7/8" 47.6mm
50mm 2" 50.8mm
55mm 2.1/8" 54mm
58mm 2.1/4" 57.2mm
60mm-65mm 2.1/2" 63.5mm
70mm 2.3/4" 69.9mm
75mm 3" 76.2mm
80mm-85mm 3.1/4" 82.6mm
90mm 3.1/2" 88.9mm
100mm 4" 101.6mm
110mm-120mm 4.1/2" 114.3mm
125mm-130mm 5" 127mm
140mm 5.1/2" 139.7mm
150mm 6" 152.4mm
175mm-180mm 7" 177.8mm
200mm-205mm 8" 203.2mm

Size conversion table of common daily items

When you first start considering the thickness of aluminum plates, it might seem like a somewhat abstract concept.

We have compiled a list of common items and their thickness to help you choose the most suitable size for your project.

Essential Products Imperial Metric
Copy paper thickness 0.003" 0.07mm
Dollar bill thickness 0.0043" 0.1mm
Driving license/credit card thickness 0.03" 0.76mm
Standard paper clip (wire diameter) 0.031" 0.78mm
DVD disc thickness 0.047" 1.19mm
Thickness of a ten cent coin 0.053" 1.35mm
One cent coin thickness 0.059" 1.52mm
Twenty-five cent coin thickness 0.063" 1.75mm
Five cent coin thickness 0.074" 1.95mm
Thickness of ordinary house key 0.08" 2mm
Standard car windshield thickness 0.25" 6.35mm
iPhone thickness 0.27 - 0.29" 6.85 – 7.36mm
Samsung Galaxy phone thickness ~0.31" ~7.87mm
Blu-ray disc case 0.511" 12.97mm
credit card height 2.125" 53.98mm
credit card width 3.37" 85.6mm

Countries and regions that use imperial measurements

Globally, the vast majority of countries have adopted a measurement system, but there are exceptions.

For example, the United States and its former colonies Liberia and Burma primarily use the Imperial system. The United Kingdom and its overseas territories, as well as Canada, use both systems.

Countries and regions that use imperial measurements

Chalco aluminum plate hot selling sizes
Imperial: 36" x 96"(3' x 8')
Metric: 914mm x2438mm
Great for small projects, electronics, DIY crafts, and more.
Imperial: 36" x 120"(3' x 10')
Metric: 914mm x3048mm
Used in construction for cladding, strips, and window frames.
Imperial: 36" x 144"(3' x 12')
Metric: 914mm x3657mm
Great for construction, decor, billboards, auto, aerospace, and military.
Imperial: 48" x 96"(4' x 8')
Metric: 1219mm x 2438mm
Used in vehicles, building exteriors, furniture, windows, and doors.
Imperial: 48" x 120"(4' x 10')
Metric: 1219mm x 3048mm
Ideal for large-scale building structures, roofs, curtain walls, and facades.
Imperial: 48" x 144"(4' x 12')
Metric: 1219mm x 3657mm
For large panels, billboards, furniture, trailers, RVs, aerospace, military.