7075-0 aluminum plate

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The o state is a state of the aluminum plate. It is the product after the factory has been annealed. The O state-fully annealed state, that is, after complete annealing treatment, it has reached the best elongation and has good plasticity. Alumina is an oxide of aluminum, the "chemical name" of the substance, O state aluminum, and the product state.

7075-0 aluminum plate impurity content 0.01 particle size 0.01. 7075-0 aluminum platee has high hardness, high strength and hard oxidation. Chalco provides you with detailed parameters, real-time quotations, price quotations, and other information of aluminum plates. For details, please contact us by email, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Use range:

1.Application Widely used in decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons and other industries.

2.Aerospace aluminum materials are used to make aircraft skins, fuselage frames, beams, rotors, propellers, fuel tanks, wall panels and landing gear pillars, as well as rocket forging rings and spacecraft wall panels.

3.Aluminum materials for transportation are used in the body structure materials of automobiles, subway cars, railway passenger cars, high-speed passenger cars, doors and windows, shelves, automobile engine parts, air conditioners, radiators, body panels, hubs and materials for ships.

4.Aluminum materials for packaging All-aluminum easy-open cans are mainly used as metal packaging materials in the form of sheet and foil to make cans, lids, bottles, barrels, and packaging foils. It is widely used in packaging of beverages, food, cosmetics, medicines, and industrial products.

5.Aluminum materials for printing are mainly used to make PS plates, and aluminum-based PS plates are a new type of material in the printing industry for automated plate making and printing.

6.aluminum alloy for building decoration because of its good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance, it has been introduced by many experts from Dongguan Changan Bangfu Metal Materials Co., Ltd., and is mainly used for building frames, Doors and windows, suspended ceilings, decorative surfaces, etc. Such as various architectural doors and windows, aluminum profiles for curtain walls, aluminum curtain wall panels, profiled panels, checkered panels, color coated aluminum panels, etc.

7.Aluminum materials for electronic appliances are mainly used in various fields such as bus bars, overhead wires, conductors, electrical components, refrigerators, air conditioners, and cables.

State of 7075 aluminum plate

F is the free state, and there is no restriction on the state of the aluminum plate. It is suitable for products that have no special requirements for work hardening and heat treatment conditions during the molding process. The mechanical properties of the products in this state are not specified. O is the annealed state, that is, the fully soft state, It is suitable for processed products that have been fully annealed to obtain the lowest strength. The state of the aluminum plate is basically divided into five types, in addition to the above two types, there are three types of H, W, T: H is the work hardened state, which should be followed by a number The degree of work hardening and softness is suitable for products whose strength is increased by work hardening. After work hardening, the product can undergo (or not) additional heat treatment to reduce the strength. The state of the aluminum plate is basically divided into five types, except for the above three There are also two types of W and T: W solid solution heat treatment state, an unstable state, which is only suitable for alloys that are naturally aged at room temperature after solution heat treatment. This state code only indicates that the product is in the natural aging stage .T heat treatment state (different from F, O, H state) is suitable for products that have undergone (or not) work hardening to achieve stability after heat treatment. T code must be followed by one or more Arabic numerals.

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