5083 o aluminum plate

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5083-O aluminum plate is softer, easy to bend and has good formability. 5083 aluminum plate is commonly used in O / h116 / H321 / h112, etc., with conventional dimensions of 1220 * 2440, 1250 * 2500 and 1500 * 3000, which can be produced to scale.

5083 o aluminum plate

5083 o aluminum plate

5083 aluminum alloy plate application:

5083 o aluminum plate is generally used in tank car tank cover, diaphragm, electrical shell, instrument and other fields. Specific applications are as follows:

Window regulator:

There are many lightweight cars, and alloy aluminum plates can be used for all parts. 5182 aluminum plates are used for four doors and two covers of cars, 6061 medium thickness aluminum plates are used for car wheels, 5083 alloy aluminum plates and 5005 alloy aluminum plates are used for car inspection fixtures, and aluminum plates are used for car window lifters. What alloy number?

Car window lifter is mainly made of 5 series alloy, including 5083 o aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate and 5754 aluminum plate.

The 5083-O aluminum plate for car window lifter produced by Henan Chalco aluminum has mature production technology, perfect performance, low product price and good sales service, creating greater economic benefits for users.

Engine housing

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low density, and its strength is even comparable to that of high-quality steel. It has become an important material for automobile lightweight. Automobile engine is an indispensable automobile part. Automobile engine shell is processed and produced with 5083-O aluminum plate.

5083 aluminum plate of oil tank truck

The key to the materials used in the oil tank truck is that they do not react with the liquid and are not easy to corrode. 5083 aluminum plate is the representative of aluminum plate of oil tank truck at present.

5083 aluminum alloy plate application

5083 aluminum alloy plate application

5083 marine aluminum plate

In addition to using steel, large ships can use aluminum plate materials on the deck. 5083 alloy aluminum plate and 5086 aluminum plate are used for ships. These two kinds of aluminum plates are two common brands used on ships. The common states are o, h111, H321 and h116.

Henan Chalco aluminum supplies various types of marine aluminum plates, including 5083 aluminum plates, 5086 aluminum plates and 5052 aluminum plates. Welcome to consult.

5083 marine aluminum plate

5083 marine aluminum plate

5083-0 aluminum plate price

The problem of 5083o aluminum plate lattice needs to be analyzed from two aspects, which is closely related to alloy specification state and market aluminum ingot price.

5083 aluminum plate manufacturers have different thickness, length and width, so the processing cost is different, and the price is also different.

For those who know the industry, the market aluminum ingot price plus processing fee is the specific quotation. The market aluminum ingot price is affected by market factors, so the aluminum ingot price is also changing.

If you want to know the specific price of 5083o aluminum plate, consult the aluminum plate manufacturer, compare more and choose the aluminum plate manufacturer with high quality and low price.

Latest customer order

Henan Chalco aluminum recently successfully signed an account order for 160 tons of 5083-O aluminum plate with a product specification of 5 * 1450 * 6000. After the customer tried the 5083-O aluminum plate sample, the product can be bent without cracking. It depends on the customer's decision to place an order.


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